Internet Startup Soft Launch for Classtastic!™

West Lafayette, IN (March 15, 2011)

The new Internet startup, is creating a buzz on university and college campuses among students and student advisors alike. The online class notification service takes the stress out of class waitlists for students by notifying the student when available seats go live for specific classes. Notification can be by email, texting, IM, or all three.

The Internet startup business recently deployed a soft launch for the web site, with a grand opening to be later in the year.

A student only needs to sign in to Classtastic!™, search the database of classes for 20 colleges and universities, and pay the nominal fee per watched class. That is all there is to it.

Once a seat becomes available, the first person on the list has a 30-minute window after notification to get the class. If the first person does not commit to the class within 30 minutes, the second person is notified and has a 30-minute window, while the first person still has the opportunity. After that initial hour, then everyone else on the list is notified and it is first come; first served if the class seat is still available.

To procure that class seat, the student must use their university resources to obtain that seat. Classtastic!™ is a notification service to alert students that the class seat is available. From that point on, it is up to the student to procure the seat through the usual university channels.

No more 7 a.m., classes because all others are full, paying for extra semesters because a student cannot get into the courses needed, or frantically checking closed sections for an open seat.

Colleges and universities that are live online at this time, include: Austin Peay State University Brown University, Canisius College, Central State University, College of Saint Benedict and Saint Johns University, Edison State College, Georgia Institute of Technology, Lansing Community College, Middle Tennessee State University, Purdue University, Radford University, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, State University of New York at Potsdam, Tennessee Technological University, The Alamo Colleges, Thomas Jefferson University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Montana, University of New England, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and University of Toledo.

"We are bringing online those colleges and universities that don't have a waitlist system. This will allow all students to have a better opportunity to get a seat in the classes they need," states Stephen Lien Harrell, creator of Classtastic!™.

Schools are being added ongoing. Anyone may request that a school be added by contacting Classtastic!™ at